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Common Cold And Flu Cases Of Monsoon and Early Winter 2017

By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  2:05 AM   swine flu ka homeopathic ilaz 4 comments

Dear blog readers, I am going to share my clinical experience of treating some severe common cold and flu cases from now i.e. July 29, 2017. On July 27, 2017, I saw first case of severe common cold/flu. This was a robust healthy adult male who came to me complaining of high fever last night and severe back and upper body pains. Upon asking, he told me he get sense of scratchy throat in day, by evening he was having mild runny nose, and early night he developed headache and in mid night he started to have high fever with chill and body aches. I examined his throat, which was normal. He was not anemic. I measured his blood pressure and it was 100/80 and rapid heart rate. He was having little thirst and was restless. I gave him Ars Alb 30, Nux Vomica 30, Rhus Tox 30, and Bryonia 30. He returned on July 29, 2017 and reported he got tremendous relief. No fever and no upper body ache now. Little runny nose and lower back pain still present. Same medicine continued. Second patient was a young lady who developed same symptoms in same sequence but her main suffering was headache. I gave her Gels 200 and Natrum Mur 200. She reported 40% amelioration in symptoms on July 29, 2017. A young boy of same family was also having same symptoms in same sequence but he was having great thirst hence Bryonia 200 was given. He also felt about 40% improvements since starting medicines. I noticed severe common cold/flu cases started after the period of little sunny and windy days for two days after weeks of rainy days. Most probably new strain virus developed here and there in roads and windy weather brought them to human contact. I had seen few more cases of severe common cold/flu patients on July 28, 2017 and July 29, 2017 and will keep post the results. Two online patients contacted me with similar symptoms and sequence. They belong to the family who are my regular patients who consult me online and do buy homeopathic medicines online. As swine flu is also spreading at good pace, we all should focus on good hygiene and to boost up immunity. I worked on every cases up until 05 August, 2017 to find specific homeopathic medicines based on these symptoms to treat common cold and flu this time. I am very happy to say that I got very good results using these homeopathic medicines for cold and flu.  These homeopathic medicines are the top, best, and effective homeopathic medicines for common cold and flu including swine flu of this season i.e August, September, and October 2017. 1. Arsenic Album 200C/1M, 2. Aconite (aconitum napellus) 200C/1M 3. Gelsemium sempervirens 200C/1M. 4. Eupatorium perfoliatum 200/1M. 5. Bryonia alba 30/200 6. Pulsatilla 200 7. Baptisia 30/200 8. Belladonna 200, 9. Merc Sol 30/200. 10. Nux Vomica 200. 11. Sulphur 200/1M. 12 Zincum Metalicum 200. 13. Heper Sulph 14. Nat Mur 30C/200C 15. Ferrum Phos 6X.

HOW TO KNOW WHICH HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE WILL HELP FOR COLD: I generally do ask about restless or lethargy since got ill. If there is marked restlessness then I do consider Aconite, Ars Alb, Rhus Tox, and Zinc Met. If lethargy is marked then use Gels, Eupatorium, Baptisia, and Bell. If irritability is marked then Bryonia, Heper Sulph, Nux Vomica, And Sulphur. Then I ask about thirst, if there is NO THIRST then consider Gels and if the patient is thirsty but DRINKING ONLY LITTLE water at a time then consider Ars Alb. Little thirst and feels better in open air then Pulsatilla. If Drinking Too Much Water at a time then think Bryonia. If body aches are main complaint then choose from Rhus Tox, Gels, Eupatorium, and Bryonia single or in combination. If headaches are main complaint then choose from Gels, Eupatorium, and Natrum Mur single or in combination. If sneezing and fever with chill is main complaint then think about Merc Sol. If patient wants to lie in dark silent room then think Belladonna. If single medicine is not giving you relief then don’t hesitate to try homeopathic medicines in combination. My favorite homeopathic combinations for common cold/flu are: 1. Aconite + Sulphur (Recently got sick but has a recent history of sickness) 2. Sulphur and Zincum Metalicum (Restlessness plus irritability) 3. Merc Sol and Sulphur (Sneezing, running nose, fever with chills and irritability) 4. Sulphur and Nux Vomica (Restlessness irritability) 5. Ars Alb+Bryonia (Mental restless and irritability but movements makes worse) 6. Ars Alb+Rhus Tox (Mental restless plus physical restlessness which gives relief). 7. Belladonna and Merc Sol (Desire to be alone in dark silent room plus fever and chills). 8. Gels, Eupatorium, Nat Mur, and Baptisia (Dullness, headaches, and body aches too much marked) 9 Ferrum Phos 6X 4 pellets two times a day added to all prescriptions especially whose suffering is too much or who seems anemic with low immunity. If you had developed the understanding that which medicine is going to help you then you can buy that online or buy from local homeopathic dispensary. If you are unable to decide then please contact me or any good local homeopathic doctor for best result and cure the cold before it makes things more complicated. These homeopathic medicines are very natural treatment for common cold.

How to avoid common cold: If any family member or coworker is having cold and you want to avoid getting infected then by these simple and easy measures one can avoid having common cold. 1. Washing hands with soaps at least six times a day helps a lot 2. Don’t touch your face especially your hands are not cleaned recently. 3. Make habit to drink more water. If one thinks back after any illness he will find that he had drank little water before. 4. Try to wrap your mouth and nose in public gathering places.{Please Also Read दाद खाज का होम्योपैथिक}

Home Remedies For Common Cold: If you are at home alone and cold making you to feel helpless then you can try one of these home remedies. 1. Ginger spiced lemon tea by using ginger, lemon, cinnamon, and honey tea one cup every hour or as needed until get relief. 2. Eat fried mixture of ginger, onion, garlic, and chilly. 3. Ginger, garlic, and honey tea. 4. Eat cinnamon powder mixed in honey to relief scratchy throat and boost immunity. 5. Eat garlic crushed and mixed with honey.

Dear blog reader if you like this post then please share it with your relatives and friends and let them discover and explore this new treatment of method which is very safe and effective. Using homeopathic medicines avoids the unnecessary use of antibiotic and thus minimizes the chances of having antibiotic resistance, which can be boon for future.{Please Also Read दाद खाज का होम्योपैथिक}


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  1. Very good result continues though new symptoms I.e cough with scanty sputum and dyspnea patients are also started to come.

  2. बिमारी मे बिस्तर पर पडे रहना पर बार बार करवट बदलना Restlessness है और बिना हिले डुले शांत पडे रहना lethargy है

  3. Dear blog reader, it is 24 August, 2017 and my this work is working very presentation had been changed little bit....there is little nose, head, throat symptoms but now people are coming with sudden high fever which stays for many hours making people very restless and sleepless..

  4. Dear blog reader,today is 23 September, 2017,recently there were windy cloudy rainy days for last 3-4 days and it has caused new outbreak of cold and flu..this time most of the patients coming had history of get wet in rain...and most common symptoms are fever with chill followed by dry hoarse cough I.e fever followed by throat congestion.


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