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Brain Atrophy Homeopathic Treatment

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A few months ago I accepted a case of cerebral atrophy to treat/manage with homeopathic medicines. I decided to do deep study brain atrophy and find out most useful homeopathic medicines for cerebral atrophy. I first searched cerebral in authentic homeopathic literature and found the first important thing was convulsions from cerebral softening. I searched this on goggle and found that in general medical science cerebral softening refers to softening of brain tissue either due to hemorrhage or inflammation. In homeopathic medicines, there are three medicines are listed for this Alumina, Bufo Rana, and Causticum. I would like to say that above listed medicine for cerebral softening means that if anybody takes these medicinal substances in crude form for a long time, then he can have cerebral softening if he has susceptibility to these drugs. Next I found absent minded in cerebral irritation and for this All-Cepa and Cupr Act are listed. Next I found vertigo due to cerebral diseases and for this symptom Bell, Cocc, Con, gels, sulfon, and Tabcum are listed. Next I found necrosis of the cerebral cortex and the medicine listed for this symptom are agar, cic, hell, stram, and zinc. Then I found cerebral inflammation, acute and chronic and for this lots of medicines were listed, including Apis, Bell, Bry, Cic, Cupr, Cupr-Act, Hell, Op, Sil, Stram, Sulph, Tub, and Zinc. Next I found unable to apply mind due to cerebral disease and for this Anac, Gels, Kali-Phos, Ph-Ac, Pic-ac listed.{ALSO READ OBESITY HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT BY CLICKING}

Next I searched atrophy and found brain atrophy. There were many homeopathic medicines listed for brain atrophy, including alum, Alum, Bar-Carb, con, fl-ac, iod, Phos, and Zincum Metalicum. I also found brain atrophy of old people and for this three medicines were listed i.e. Alumina, Conium, and Phos. Symptoms of brain atrophy and homoeopathic medicines. Dementia, Seizures, and language difficulty are the main symptoms of brain atrophy. For dementia, there are lots of good homeopathic medicines listed, including Agar, Anac, Bell, Hyos, Lil-Tig, Ph-ac, Phos, Pic-ac, and Verat. I found also epileptic dementia, which I thought is much closer to our problem, i.e. brain atrophy and the medicines listed for this are Bell, Cupr-Act, Oena, and Sil. According to master Clarke, Crot-H and Lil-Tig were two best medicines for dementia. Seizures/epilepsy/convulsions is the main symptom of brain atrophy so I searched epilepsy and brain and found an interesting linkage i.e. epilepsy from the commotion of the brain. The homeopathic medicines listed for this were ARN, CIC, Hypericum, and Natrum Sulph. Victim of brain atrophy does have difficulty to find the right word while speaking and lots of homeopathic medicines do cause such abnormality if taken in crude form for a long time. The main homeopathic medicines for such problem, i.e. aphasia are ARN, BOTH, CANN-I, PH-ACID, arg, nit, bar-carb, plb, Thuja, etc. Causes of brain atrophy and homeopathic medicines. Injury, stroke, various diseases and disorders and infections are the possible causes for brain atrophy. I searched mental symptoms caused by stroke and found these homeopathic medicines Bar-Carb, CROT-H, hell, Ip, and NUX VOM. I also included medicines for speech impairment from stroke and found these homeopathic medicines Bar-Carb, Causticum, Crot-H, Ip, LACH, Laur, and NUX VOM. 

Best 10 Homeopathic Medicines For Brain Atrophy
After studying hours, I found at least 35 homeopathic medicines, which can be very useful for cerebral atrophy.  The homeopathic system of treatment is highly individualized, i.e. medicines for a disease can be dramatically changed from person to person. One medicine caused remarkable improvement for one person and same medicine to another person did not cause any change at all. Below I am listing best 10 homeopathic medicines for brain atrophy, which can be used in older people having brain atrophy caused by the simple aging process.  As with aging, we tend to develop brain atrophy and from my knowledge and experience I can say these homeopathic medicines can be playing a role of anti-aging homeopathic medicines!!.

                            TOP 10 HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES


1. Phosphorus: Phosphorus is covering many symptoms of brain atrophy including brain atrophy, brain atrophy of elderly peoples, cerebral inflammation, unable to apply mind due to cerebral diseases, dementia, and encephalitis. If we look our top 10 homeopathic medicines it is quite clear that mostly medicines are from mineral group.  From my clinical experiences and knowledge I can say most of the disease are caused by either disturbed metabolism of minerals, bad effects mineral free radicals, and/or acute and chronic mineral poisoning. A process called Potentization, in which we change the simple minerals to homeopathic minerals, makes our homeopathic mineral medicines. It is a series of dilutions and agitation. We take a very small portion of medicinal stuff and dilute it with huge amount of solvent either water or alcohol and shake it vigorously. By first dilution and succession we get our first potency on two scales i.e. 1X or 1C. We repeat and repeat dilution and vigorous shaking (succession) to get higher potencies.  These potentized homeopathic medicines are capable to bring good health results according to individual’s susceptibility to the drug.  It is noticed from homeopathic proving and clinical experience that homeopathic Phosphorus brings good health changes in tall, slender, blonde and handsome males most markedly. Masturbation can be epilepsy trigger factor for people needing homeopathic Phosphorus. People needing Phosphorus does get epilepsy attack without loosing consciousness generally.  These are some main indication, which tells whether Phosphorus is suitable for you, or not.
2. Conium Maculatum: Conium is the second top medicine emerging for brain atrophy in my study. This medicine is obtained from a poisonous plant commonly known as poison hemlock. The whole plant is poisonous and its extract contains alkaloid toxins. This medicine is indicated for persons having tendency to get vertigo frequently. This medicine also acts well in elderly people having dementia causing difficult speaking. One dose daily of Conium Mac 30 will improve brain function to some extent. People needing Conium are those people who is having brain atrophy resulting in depression, timidity, habit to avoid society, but afraid of being alone. They do not want to do anything and does not take any interest in anything.
3. Baryta Carb: This medicine also belongs to mineral group i.e. barium carbonate. Barium carbonate is insoluble in water but it is soluble in human gastrointestinal tract. Barium element is not an essential mineral to human body and its toxicity causes some disturbance in potassium channels, which are essential for nervous system. In homeopathic proving of barium carbonate, it is noticed that it causes mental sluggishness to great extent. From homeopathic drug proving it is well established that it acts best for infants, old, dwarf, and people subject to have recurrent throat (tonsil) problems. If this medicine seems indicated to you then one dose of Baryta Carb 30 daily will help to some extent for sure without causing any side effect.
4. Plumbum Metalicum (Lead): Lead is very toxic to human body, but when potentized homeopathically it becomes a very beneficial stuff to human being.  Proving of this metal had produced a picture that is very similar to patients of brain atrophy. The main indications for this remedy are progressive emaciation of body, progressive paralysis of body, frequent cramps, frequent abdominal colic, prone to severe constipation, and urinary bladder problems.{ALSO READ RINGWORM MAGICAL CURE BY CLICKING}
5. Zincum Metalicum: This metal is also very good homeopathic medicine for brain atrophy. Person who will get benefit from this medicine is very sensitive to noise and had marked trembling of whole body.  Feet in always in motion. There is depression generally and mental dullness is not much impaired.

6. Iodium: It is well-established fact that iodine is very essential for brain development. It also covers brain atrophy and brain inflammation like other top 10 homeopathic medicines for brain atrophy.  Iodium is homoeopathic iodine and it can be beneficial for a person having brain atrophy with great appetite yet losing flesh and having enlarged glands i.e. lymph nodes, thyroid, liver, etc. Tendency to have increased gas formation in the intestine is another good indication for this medicine.

7. Alumina: Another metal homeopathic medicine, which is listed for brain atrophy and brain atrophy of old, and difficult speaking.  It will help a person who is hasty by nature and variable mood when he/she was healthy now hasty and confused most of the time.  There is tendency to get severe constipation, no desire and great straining generally.

8. Aurum Metalicum: We can recognize the need of this medicine by presence of suicidal tendency in the patient or in the family history.  The above listed medicines have mental dullness and dementia, but this medicine has marked insanity. Irritability and anxiety is also well marked. Religious mania and tendency to have head and bone pains especially at night.

9.  Crotalus horridus: This medicine is obtained from the poison of deadly rattlesnake. As we know that generally there is great possibility of having history of stroke in the patient of brain atrophy in the past. This medicine can remove bad ailments caused by stroke i.e. chronic inflammation of brain, and speech impairments caused by stroke.  People needing this medicine have delirium, irrelevant answers, tries to run away, and talking to himself.

10. Fluoric Acid: Fluoric acid is the last medicine of the list.  People needing this medicine remains unusual cheerful. These are indifferent cheerful old people who can be benefited from this medicine. Decreased sense of responsibility to loved ones. These people may have increased sexual desire, which they can show by their gesture and act publicly even in sick old age as well as in their history. 
This list contains deep acting medicines for brain atrophy i.e. one need one or two medicines constantly to stabilize the brain atrophy and improvement. People may need other medicines on as needed basis according to individual symptoms and seizure patterns.

AN EXAMPLE CASE: I had seen at least three four patients with brain atrophy with seizure in recent years. Below, I am presenting a recent case of brain atrophy with epilepsy, which is responding very well to homeopathic treatment. About six months ago, a young girl was brought to me for epilepsy. Parents had old CT scan that highlighted prominent sulcal space. Prominent sulci feature tells there is loss of nerve cells in the brain and it is also known as cerebral atrophy or brain atrophy. I asked about her epilepsy history and from her history I guessed that she had acute encephalitis, which ultimately caused cerebral atrophy causing her epilepsy attacks. Parents were very disappointed because no treatment was helping her and she has been suffering with this over the last 8 years. The patient was a 15-year-old anemic rather emaciated girl. The Starting: 8 years ago in a winter night with sudden fever and crying from headache. She got treated for next 10-15 days but now she has changed mentally and physically and soon developed episodic epileptic attack. The aura: Her epilepsy starts by abnormal movement of tongue then left side of face then left arm and then left leg and if she had very severe attack her whole body got involved. If aura happened very frequently then she will cry a lot and tries to run away in madness. The Frequency: Sometimes three four times a day and generally once in three days. The Investigations: She had a CT scan of head, which showed right-sided prominent sulcus. The Medicines Given: Cuprum Met 30 initially then Cina 30 and Cina 200 and Lachesis 30, lastly Iodium 30 gave her lasting result. Result: First there was decrease in severity of attack then frequency and now no attack since last four months. Dear blog reader if you like this post then please share it with your relatives and friends and let them discover and explore this new treatment of method which is very safe and effective. Using homeopathic medicines avoids the unnecessary use of antibiotic and thus minimizes the chances of having antibiotic resistance, which can be boon for future.

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