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WCD 10 June, 2017 Urticaria पित्ती उछलना की तीन रामबाण होम्योपैथिक दवाइया

Dear blog reader, I again here with my weekend case diary for 10 June, 2017. I am posting only one case this time I had gave too much time on photo work done above. I had treated many cases of Urticaria (पढ़े प्यार में धोखा के बाद पित्ती उछलना)very easily, but recently got a tough case. This case was of a 35-year-old emaciated anemic female. I found her very impatience. Her gestures and talking were so that she is saying cure her at once and complaining why previous doctors did not cure her. She was having itchy red areas for last six months. She was taking treatment without permanent cure. She had allopathic medicines with her, which were antihistamine and steroids. I told her that recent studies had shown no effect of steroids on urticaria so she can use only antihistamine if she had severe itching. On first visit, she complained she is having so much itchy red eruption and upon asking show me any. She looked at her arms and legs but found nothing to show. On second visit, she was still unable to show me any area of redness. I reviewed with her the possible causes of her Urticaria.  She was not taking any medicine. There was no sign of infection anywhere. Her itching does not come after eating so possibly ruling out any food allergy. No family member was having skin disease ruling out any possibility of scabies. She tells that she is having these itching and red areas mostly in evening and night and is worse by heat and hot days. She also complained that folds between fingers of foot do exfoliate a lot and itchy at times. She was having chloasma on face, but had not said anything about it. Upon asking any past history, she said that she is status post cholecystectomy. I asked about her digestion and she reported almost normal. I also give a thought about whether cholecystectomy had any role in this case. She said her foot finger folds are worse in rainy season. I started treating her and she got about 25% improvements, but this is not a big deal for her. She wants quick and full relief and from me!!. She wants best medicines for itchy eruptions. I had tried Apis, Sepia, Dulcamara, Lycopodium Q, Urtica Urens Q, Sulphur, China, and Pulsatilla. Dear blog reader if you are having chronic Urticaria then please contact me. If homeopathic medicines are not available in your area then you can buy online with heavy discounts.

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