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Pudendal Nerve Entrapment Homeopathic Treatment

By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  9:39 AM   best treatment for bent penis 21 comments

A young man Mr. Anis contacted me for his problematic penis. His penis does cause pain upon erection. Penis does get erect without reason if he sits in chair or car for rather long period of time. His penis also does get erect strongly sometime while walking without any reason and does get a feeling lot of blood in the penis.  During erection his penis get bend upward and he feels that his penis is bit extra long since he is having these
problems. His penis while erection does get stiff too and hard to move any side. Since having these problems, he feels his libido has decreased. He does not recall any injury prior to these problems. These problems started after exercising in the gym prior to which he loses 14 kg weight with diet and light exercise. He noticed that his problems started after one month of heavy weightlifting. He noticed pelvic area muscle
pain during the time of exercising in gym and also noticed that his pain in pelvis area, lower back, and penis got worse after masturbating. Soon later he noticed some skin change in the penis which consisted dry silky old looking skin. Upon touching the skin, he also feels some burning and pain at times. If he masturbates he feels heaviness in the penis for two days even in loose flaccid state. With these symptoms soon he started to develop too many other health problems including stuffy nose, body aches, fatigue, dry skin, knees pain,
shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, lower abdomen pain, burning during urination, lower back pain, left leg pain, left sided neck pain, hair loss, urine dribbling, scrotal swelling at times, and copious urination. He had consulted best urologist of the area who told his penis is fine though Mr. Anis did not give him full history . From his history and symptoms, I am quite sure that he had developed pudendal nerve entrapment or pelvic floor dysfunction caused by heavy lifting as I had treated a very similar case in the past with some success.  There may fibrous growth around the nerve causing compression or enlargement of any pelvic floor muscle causing entrapment.  These conditions are rare but very problematic and progressive if not treated timely.  He is much concerned about penis unhealthy skin and was suspecting his problems are due to Peyronie’s disease, which is also very similar condition but rather less complicated. I had analyzed his case homeopathically and found Silicea is best suited to this tall slender shy young boy who is living sedentary life style and now full of worries and depression.  As well as Silicea is one of best medicine for Peyronie’s disease as it acts very well on hardened muscle/tendon/fibrous sheath. I advised him to buy Silicea 6X online if not available locally and also advised to get also digital lumbar and cervical X-ray.  I also advised him to consult again with any good urologist and get properly investigated and treated again.  I also advised him to take a print out of this page too especially the history section. I also assured him I am available always to help homeopathically and he should take homeopathic medicines with any other medicines to get best results.

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  1. Thank you Doctor for understanding my problem

  2. how long i should stop masturbating and taking Silicea 6X 5 tablets three times a day for how long

  3. Both for one month and meanwhile get consultation with urologist and report back about outcome

  4. hi have one dout Pudendal Nerve Entrapment is curable or not

  5. With positive approach and right treatment most of the diseases are curable/manageable. Be positive and follow healthy lifestyle and diet.

  6. healthy lifestyle and diet means

  7. healthy lifestyle means timely sleeping timely eating positive mindset good works, try to remain happy as much as possible, reading good books, eating healthy means no junk food, lots of vegs and fruits, etc.

    1. You should first consult with urologist and get properly least have digital x-ray of lumbar and cervical should take Silicea for one month

  8. hi doctor i went to buy silicea 6x but their are two silicea 6x one india and another germen which one i should buy .

  9. can i use castor oil for penis dry skin or not

  10. u mean castor oil and coconut oil mix and use or only coconut oil

  11. i can use any coconut oil like nirmal or only organic coconut oil

  12. dear dr,
    my son 9 years old, left testis is small, and his penis does nor build properly(micro penis). which medicine need for him. he is fair,and some fatty.

    1. Give him continued homeopathic treatment as indicated... now you should give him Calc Carb 30 2-3 drops once a day for 1 month...notice changes carefully

  13. Its really good article and review. I really like the way you describe the every part, so clearly. Keep it up with this kind of blog posts. We are also providing services like Back Pain Hope you will like it! New York Pain Care


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