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Weekend Case Dairy May 14, 2017 Migraine, Sciatica, And Jaundice

By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  7:31 AM   Sciatica Homeopathic Treatment No comments

Jaundice Responded Well to Homeopathic treatment

Dear blog readers this week was average for me. I had seen few interesting cases, which I am going to share with the world.
Headaches: I had seen this week two mid thirties ladies with severe headache. The first lady Mrs. S. Awasthi was having severe left sided headache since last 6 years. Whenever she does get episode of headache it never gone without taking medicine. She will be in severe pain until she takes painkillers. No home remedies or other measures can stop it. She does have vomiting and dim vision with these episodes of headache. She is married for three years with good married life. She does have low-grade fever at times with these episodes. Her menstrual cycle is regular. She does recall that before attack she does have tendency to get angry and irritated. Her blood pressure was 90/70 and was bit anemic. Her headaches are throbbing in nature involved mainly left side including eyes. Her headaches are worse by sunlight and lying down. She does get bit relief from cold water bathing. She does sleep at lot and does drink little water usually. I prescribed her few medicines naming Chamommila 30, Ipecac 30, and Sangunaria 30 as needed and she had reported there is bit relief. I encouraged her that if she continues homeopathic treatment homeopathically she will be better and better. I also advised her strongly to drink more water. The second lady, Mrs. P. Devi, also was having severe chronic episodic headache with fever, vertigo ameliorated by lying down, and loss of appetite to such extent that she does not want to see the food. Her blood pressure was 100/80 and was anemic. I gave her Ars Alb 30 and Gels 30 as needed. She also reported mild improvement since started taking medicine. I also encouraged her to visit again and again and she will get more and more relief from her migraine headache. Update, 3 June, 2017, none of these patient visited again in dispensary.

Acne: A 40-year-old lady Mrs. U. Singh came with her husband for inflammatory papules on face for last one year despite being properly treated by a skin specialist. These papules do leave black spot behind which makes her face very bad. I asked about other problems and they said doctor please treat it first. I explained them homeopathic system of medicine treats the patient not the disease so you have to tell your all other problems to get best results for your main problem. Upon this, she told she does have a mole on scalp and hair loss surrounding the mole. She also does have calves cramp since one year. She also does have high blood pressure, but does not take any medicine for it as it is not so high. She does get irritated easily and get headaches afterward. Upon asking her menses, she revealed that it is bit heavy with clots usually for many years, but she does not have taken any treatment for this. She does have burning during urination at times. I measured her blood pressure, which was 130/90. Upon asking, she accepted that she does have tendency to easy bruising. This female was a tall fair colored beautiful lady. I gave her Phosphorus 30 and Carbo Veg 30 and Berberis Aquafolium Q to apply on the black spots. Lastly, I advised to them to improve their married life and spend much time with each other for best results. Update, 3 June 2017, this lady visited today and was very happy her face got cleared up nearly about 90%. Now her main complaint is night leg pains, which renders her from sleep. I gave him Bryonia 200 bd to see whether it works or not for her .

Sciatica: Another case I would like to share was of an old gentleman who was having very severe sciatica for last three days who was brought to me by a regular patient of mine.  I advised the old gentleman to get 48 hours of complete bed rest and gave him Arnica 1M stat does, Bryonia 30, and Berberis Vulgaris Q 10 drops tds. He returned lately in the week and thanked very much as he got tremendous relief and asked whether he need to take more medicines or not. I advised him to take it for at least 10 days more and start practicing yoga after 10 days. 

Jaundice: Lastly, I would like to share the case of a young man whose eye photo I had posted in the started of the diary. This very severely jaundiced young man came by own on cycle. I asked for how many days he is having this. He replied for last 10 days. I asked any pain anywhere. He replied about 12 days before he had pain in the abdomen. I asked to locate the area and he located the liver region. I asked about weakness. He said in starting he was severely weak so why can’t able to come to me and get treated locally and now he is bit better so came to me to get treated. I measured his blood pressure, which was 100/60, pulse 64, and he was mildly anemic too. I examined her abdomen and there was mild abdominal tenderness in the region of liver. His hydration status was good. I asked about appetite, which he revealed it is okay. I also asked about fever. He denied any fever now. I asked about stool, which he revealed not watery. Upon asking about color, he confirmed light colored stool and dark yellow colored urine he is having for many days. I advised him to get rest as much as possible and drink at least 200 gm of Glucon-D, drink boiled water, eat light diet. I suspected this man is having infective jaundice probably hepatitis A. I gave him few homeopathic medicines naming Bryonia 30, China 30, Chelidonium 30, and Carbo Veg 30. I advised him if he does not feel better in next one day then go to near CHC and get properly investigated. Five days later, this patient returned and reported 50% improvement in the sense of well being though he did not follow my advice to drink glucose and take plenty of rest. I again strongly advised him to do so. Update 3 June, 2017, this patient did not come yet, I will collect information about his health soon.

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