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WCD 27, May, 2017 Eczema, Face Discoloration, And Psoriasis

By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  10:15 AM   दाद या एक्जिमा No comments

Dear blog reader I am here again with weekend case diary for May 27, 2017.  This week I saw few interesting cases, which I am going to share few cases with you. Face Discoloration:  A 35-year-old lady was having bluish brownish blackish skin discoloration of her face for last three years.  Her facial discoloration got worsened over the time despite aggressive treatment. Her skin get more dark in winter. She noticed much worsening during winter season each year.  These lesions are progressively spreading to neck and arms.  She recently noticed that the lesions started to have some itching, which was absent earlier. I gave her Sulphur 30 water dose and revisit in 15 days. I had treated a similar case few years ago, but this lady is different from her. In that case, I found that lady to very loquacious and living happily one. I tried lots of medicine on her and advised her to talk less as much as possible and drink lots of water. Finally, she gets fair color of skin and was very happy with the long-lasting result. She recently brought a new patient to me with cold drinks. Update 3 June, 2017, this patient did not visit again yet. Update 7 June, 2017, this lady came today and I review with her the diagnosis of Berloque dermatitis. I showed them few photographs of this disease and they were satisfied with the diagnosis. They also recalled that her problem initially started with use of a new fairness cream. I advised her to not use any cosmetic cream and avoid sun exposure as much as possible. I gave her Natrum Mur 30 water dose.
Face Discoloration 
Eczema एक्जिमा A 22-year-old pregnant lady came with husband for a skin disease, which they wrongly know as दाद Daad (ringworm). I asked them how it started. They reported it started as an itchy papule, which upon scratching discharged some fluid and soon some few more papules developed.   Husband told that he went to a local allopathic medical store and said please give me any good medicine for दाद.  The chemist gave him Ring guard, which gave wife temporarily relief and as soon as she stops the ring guard her itchy eruptions comes more severely. Husband again do bought same and again clearing of lesions but once again came back severely.  In this pattern, she applied about 12 creams over the last six months. I told them they had made the condition very complicated by this kind of self-medication. I asked about the itching.  She replied she does have more itching during day and when she works in kitchen or when her body gets heated. She does get relief from cold bathing. I confirmed the diagnosis of eczema, which got worse by hormonal changes caused by pregnancy and wrong medication. I assessed the temperament of the lady as irritable and careless. She reported she does like to scratch the lesions very much but not so excessively.  She also reported it burns after the scratching. Her whole lower abdomen, buttock, and thighs had affected with eczema.  I asked whether any other family member had any skin problem.  They replied none recently.  I advised them to stay with homeopathic treatment for best result.  I gave her Sulphur 30 water dose and Psorinum 1M water dose and asked them to return next Friday.
Eczema On First Visit
Eczema After One Week, Less Angry and Controlled Itching

Psoriasis: This patient is a regular patient of mine over the last few years. He did have very bad scalp psoriasis that I had treated very successfully with homeopathic medicines mainly Ars Alb, Antim Crud, and Mezerium. He had started to have psoriatic lesions on her scalp at the age of 40+. He started homeopathic treatment and after two years of treatment his lesions got disappeared and he stopped taking homeopathic medicines. After two years of remission, his psoriasis came again and this time he visited to me to get treated. I started the treatment and gradually his scalp psoriasis cleared and remained cleared for about 4 years and he used to take homeopathic medicines randomly from me. Last time, he came to me and showed his back, which had psoriatic lesions for last 15 days. He does have mild itching in the lesions especially in afternoon and evening. This time I had given her Graphitis 30 water dose and hoping quick remission of his psoriatic outbreak. Update 3 June 2017, this patient visited three days later without any changes. Same medicines continued .

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