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Melasma In Child Homeopathic Treatment

By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  3:40 AM   skin discoloration face in teenager 1 comment

Melasma in Boy getting Cured

Melasma in Boy On First Visit
When I first saw this child’s face, my first impression was Melasma. I am seeing such skin discoloration in a young boy for first time so I was bit confused and does not wanted to make any hurry. Generally melasma is caused by an increase in tyrosinase activity found in melanocytes of skin. This boys skin discoloration pattern was very similar to centrofacial melasma.  I inspected the patch with magnifying glass and found his discoloration is deep so it is the case of dermal melasma. Dermal melasma is much difficult to treat and it spreads more easily.  As you can see, the lesions of this boy is not typical brown, it is blue-black too, which is another indication of dermal melasma. In epidermal melasma, we can see a layer of dirty brown layer, which seems can be rubbed off. Generally, melasma is associated with hormonal treatment and any other medication, but in this case there was no medication use and he is having this problem since last summer and this time it is worse again.  Ultraviolet light of sun makes melanocytes very causing worsening of melasma in summer.

Melasma After 15 days On Natrum Mur 30
I also tried to differentiate it from allergic dermatitis, but the parents and patients denied any symptoms of allergy, but they admit that boy’s eyes tend to be injected at times. There was no itching or discharge or any other sensation in the patches so I confirmed the diagnosis of dermal melasma.  I also asked any other problems the child may have to rule out any underlying serious condition, which may be causing any hormonal misbalance. It may be possible that excessive use of herbicide and pesticide, leaky gut, poor diet, etc is possible cause for this boy.

I also thought the possibility of broken tiny blood vessels i.e. rosacea especially in light of episodic injected conjunctiva, which may be due to mild ocular rosacea.  I found the boy overall healthy physically and mentally. I am giving this boy Natrum Mur 30with some apparent improvement. My other considerations are Sepia, Cadmium Sulph, Nux Vomica, and Lycopodium
Melasma In Boy After Three Weeks On Nat Mur 30

This child is cured and today (13/2/18) seen another case of chronic black blue discoloration so decided to read this case and update this case. The new case's photo is given below.

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