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Regularize Your Menses With Homoeopathy

By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  11:22 PM   Irregular periods Homeopathic Treatment No comments

A 25-year-old lady came to me for complaint of irregular periods, periods with severe back pain, fever, and body aches.  She said her menstrual cycle got really irregular and bad after taking emergency morning abortive pill about 7 months ago.  Few times she did not menstruated for 2 months and some times just after 10 days of her last menses.  Now with every menses she does have fever, lots of back and body pains.  She also noticed a bad odor from her private part. She had also itchy ringworm type eruptions on her arms since having irregular periods off and on. I gave her some homeopathic medicines according to indications and her menstrual cycles are regular now after taking medicines for two months. Her other problems are also diminished to great extent. She is very pleased with the result. Pulsatilla, Sepia, And Sabina are three top medicines to me for this work.

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