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Cholecystitis and Gallstones Homeopathic Treatment

By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  1:01 AM   Gallstones Homeopathic Treatment No comments

Gallstones are very common problem these days so I decided to share my deep knowledge and experience here in this article about gallstones.

Pre-Diagnosis Symptoms: There will be history of bouts of mild indigestion in the form of self limiting diarrhea, self limiting vomiting, and self limiting abdominal discomfort/pain especially after heavy rich meals which may followed by loose yellow white or green oily light weight stools which floats in commode.  People thinks it may be due to over eating or some impurity in food and skips few meals or take some treatment for few days without having ultrasound and things back to normal very soon.

Symptoms During Severe Acute Attack: Generally after heavy meal patient feel constant pain not relived by anything and patient does not find relief for a minute so constant pain.  There will be constipation or very little stool initially and after the pain subsided without proper treatment there will be again yellow white or green light weight fatty loose stool which floats in commode.  People and even doctors think that the pain and problems are due to acidity  which will be more worse by eating painkillers so they try only antacid and anti-spasmodics if available, but theses medicines do not give enough relief. The patient then generally brought to emergency room and upon ultrasound it comes out cholecystitis due to cholelithiasis(Gallstones).

Causes/Reasons: There are many causes some of which are common and lots of uncommon. I will discuss here only common ones which are lack of exercise, obesity, and poor gut bacteria. Lack of exercise makes all thing sluggish and cause fat deposition everywhere and causes increasing population of bacteria that feeds mainly fat. These fat feeding bad bacteria destroys bile salts and bile acids so that the eaten fat cannot be digested and remain available for bad bacteria. Thus in this way there is gradual decrease in bile acids/salt in system and increase of cholesterol in body system which goes to intestine as well as to gallbladder which many times turn out into cholesterol stones.

Management: It will depend upon severity of symptoms. If very severe then the first thing is nothing per mouth for 2-3 days and IV nutrition should be given. If patient is tolerating well the attack and vitals are stable then juices and liquid diet should be given for at least 2-3 days. Patient should not drink milk or eat any milk products and should not eat eggs. First 3 days no oil should be taken. No nuts. No chocolate.  If symptoms are too bad and vitals are not stable then people should take antibiotics+antiinflammatory+bile salt supplements.

Food To Avoid: Fried foods including snack, Whole Grains especially gram grains and wheat grains. If you feel any discomfort or gas in the abdomen after breakfast or lunch then skip next meal and only take more water and juices and fruits.

Food To Take: Drink water as much as you can. Make habit of drinking at least 4 glass of water before tea or breakfast in the morning, Apple, Lemon, Green Beans I.e. Lobiya, Beet, Vinegar especially apple, pears, papaya, and pineapples. Use coconut oil for cooking and take raw extra light olive oil as salad or put it in your food in very little amount initially and very slowly increase the amount but never exceed to one spoon with a meal.  One can also eat raw coconuts also if olive oil is not available. Try to take small meals. Start with half roti (Indian home made bread).  Try to take six meals a day initially and for about 2 months.

Homeopathic Management And Treatment: There are many homeopathic medicines which can manage and treat these problems successfully. I found these homeopathic medicines useful: Chelidonium majus, China, Lycopodium, Dioscorea, Belladonna, Magensia Mur, Berberis Vulgaris, Cholsterinum, Phosphorus, Podophyllum, Nux Vomica, Calc Sulph, and Pulsatilla.

When opt for Surgery: If you have recurrent pain i.e. once a month then it would be wise to opt for Surgery.

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