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Hypothyroidism Homeopathic Treatment

By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  11:49 PM   Homeopathic Treatment for hypothyroidism 1 comment

Hypothyroidism is a very common disease in our country and one of the most common disease which remains undisclosed for many years. Generally it is a qualified doctor who tells the patient that he/she may have thyroid disease. Gaining weight despite eating little is the main indication of hypothyroidism. Increased sensitivity to cold weather is another main one. Dry or hard stool or mild constipation on a daily basis is another symptoms. Body-aches and chronic fatigue are another common symptoms of hypothyroidism.  For above mentioned problems people generally consult local quacks and take maltreatment and many times patient's condition goes much worse. Hypothyroidism can affect all age group, but impacts on teens are very major. Children with hypothyroidism tends to have low intelligence, inability to concentrate in study, and slow growth and child turn out dwarf. In our country iodine deficiency is one of the most common cause of hypothyroidism especially in rural areas. Despite lots of awareness program conducted by Indian Government, villagers are still continuing to use iodine-less salt. If disease remains undisclosed and goes progress then it increases blood pressure. If blood pressure remains high for long time then it can damage kidneys. Another main cause of hypothyroidism is thyroiditis i.e. inflammation of thyroid, which is usually due to autoimmunity. In some cases, pituitary and hypothalamus is also responsible for hypothyroidism. So it is very important to detect hypothyroidism, root out its cause, and get it treated timely and properly. In homeopathy, there are many homeopathic medicines which are very capable to treat and manage hypothyroidism very well.  There are lots of homeopathic website to consult good homeopathic doctor online and also can buy best homeopathic medicines for hypothyroidism.
Best Homeopathic Medicines For Hypothyroidism
I found these homeopathic medicines very useful for hypothyroidism. Calc Carb, Iodium, Spongia, Silicea, Causticum, Kali Carb, Sulphur, Nat Mur, Lach, Thyroidinum, Conium, Phosphorus, Graphitis, Kali Iod, Sepia, Lycopodium, Amm Carb, Nat Carb, Ambr G., Bell, Calc Flour, and Selenium. Once again one can buy these homeopathic medicines online if not available locally. 

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  1. Dear Dr.
    I am seeing many cases in website.They are detailed elaborately. Nobody disclose their conclusion in arriving the drug.This shows the poor mind prevailing among the Homeopathic Doctors.I am sorry to say this.


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