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Mucocele Homeopathic Treatment

By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  12:24 AM   Lump in Lips 27 comments

Recently i. e on 15 April 2015 a 25-year-old male came to me for a pea size knot in his lower lip which was present there for last two months. There was no associated pain or tenderness. There was no fever or any other problems. The patient was bit anxious about this hence want it to resolve it. I gave him Natrum Mur 30 and then Nat Mur 200 and the knot resolved within 15 days.

After reading this article one gentleman also contacted me for his daughter who was having some lesion under her tongue for few months. Doctors had advised him to get it removed surgically. He started treated it with homeopathy and after few days of treatment her tongue lesions gone completely.

These knot were mucoceles. The mucoceles are generally formed after injury to salivary ducts resulting accumulation of secretion and formation of cyst. Superficial cyst do have some color while deep cyst do assume color of oral mucosa.

There are various homeopathic medicines, which can help you to get rid of mucocele without surgery. I had found these homeopathic medicines very useful Natrum Mur, Thuja, Merc Sol, Calc Carb, Sulphur, Heper Sulph, Nitric Acid, Lachesis, and Pulsatilla.

Most Recent Case Of Mucocele
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  1. I do have a similar problem, and I always suspected is just saliva. They are painless, always come out on the retromolar trigone, and only come out when I eat french fries or something else that makes my whole salivary glands to flood my mouth.
    I can't remember if they come out before or after my judgement molar extractions (three of them had their roots pointing to the back of my head, rather than up or down).

    Time ago, some came out on the bottom face of my tongue.

    I used to have aphthas on the inside of my lips, from viruses/parasites in the milk I understand, and they also started as a little blister of clear liquid, so I wonder what's the connection, because I don't think there are saliva outlets in all those places.

    Sometimes when I speak during a meal, my saliva ducts would shoot a stream right out my mouth. I hope that pressure is normal!

    1. i also have the same problem sir of a mucocele on lower lip, pls help me out with the medicines and dosage.Also read your email sir .

  2. I had told medicines to Ayush. Hopefully he will get over from this very soon.

  3. Dear sir...m facing the same problem of submucous cyst on my lower lip. I took thuja 200 for two times (5 drops) and calcereA flour 3 x ...(4 tablets. .4 times) for a week...cyst got reduced by 80 %...thereafter I reduced the dose of thuja 200 to one time and calcereA flour to three times...but since past one week....the cyst is there...20 percent as it is..there is no improvement. ..what should I do...

    1. It would be best if you stop taking meds for two weeks. The meds had told the body what is best for it and it will continue on the path of recovery hopefully and report back after two week.

  4. Hi sir,
    I had mucocle cyst/ Ranula under tongue ,floor of the mouth. I got removed from Ent by surgery .With in 10 days it got formed agian. Could you please suggest proper homeopathic medicine if available to avoid Reformation and cure existing one.


  5. sir me too have this problem since one month. I have a mucocele on inside of my lower lip. In starting it occurs and dissolves within 2 or 3 days but from one month it remain as it is. Please suggest me some medicines. I am a working woman. I don't have time now a days to go to a doctor's clinic and consult. Very hopefully i'm asking you for medication. Hope you will reply soon with my answer. Thanks in advance.

    1. You should try homeopathic medicine named Natrum Mur 30 3-4 drops in half cup water once a day.

  6. Sir,
    I am also facing this problem since 20 days, It comes and burst every time.
    Please let me know your contact Number or please specify the doses as you written "I gave him Natrum Mur 30 and then Nat Mur 200".

    1- Natrum Mur 30
    2- Nat Mur 200

    How to take both of them, quantity etc.

    I also need to consult few more things, i hope you will drop your contact detail. So that we can discuss on call.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. sir i do have the same problem(mucocele) in my lower lip inside since 20 days.please suggest medication sir.please.thank u in advance

  8. Dearsir,
    I am also having mucocele.I already done surgery and get tested.Nothing serious is found.But in the same place it again arise.And the operation area is looking red.
    How can i get rid of it permanently.
    Please guide me.I am frustrated by showing doctors and taking medicine.

    1. please contact me by mailing to give more detail about you. thanks for contacting

  9. I have the same problem sir from the last few months. Allopathic doctor suggested me to get rid pf it by surgery. After few days of surgery it started forming again. Someone suggested me Homopathy.
    Can you please help me
    Please give me your contact number or email id

    1. for contacting

  10. My father is having a mucocele on lower lip which is observed 6 months back and now it is increasing in size . Similar cyst were also seen earlier but they dissolved on their own . Please suggest some medicine..

    1. You should try homeopathic medicine named Natrum Mur 30 3-4 drops in half cup water once a day for 10 days and report back.

  11. Hello sir,
    As you suggested, I took natrum mur 30 but problem of recurrence still exist.please suggest me further.

  12. sir my 5 yrs daughter is having a mucocele on inside of lower lip since 2 month.Please suggest some medicine..

  13. Sir plz help me .how to get rid my daughter from mucocele.

    1. Please tell more about her and see my email reply to you.

  14. I have sent detail about her in email.thank u


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