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Piles Hemorrhoids Homeopathic Treatment

By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  10:42 AM   Piles Natural Treatment 1 comment

Hemorrhoids (piles)

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Piles/Hemorrhoids are very common health problem and people very commonly ignore it until they cause much discomfort to them. In this article I am offering a way to get free from grade 1 and 2 hemorrhoids with good success rate with help of homeopathic medicine and some lifestyle modifications to prevent and cure piles. Grade 3 and 4 piles needs surgical intervention and homeopathic medicines can offer only very little help for Grade 3 and 4 piles. Dear reader you have to read things given below carefully and tell what things are applicable to you so I can tell you best suited homeopathic medicines for you for your piles.


A.I was used to strain a lot for passing stool.

B.I am pregnant or was pregnant before piles.

C.I do suffer from chronic constipation.

D.I do suffer from chronic diarrhea.

E.I have to sit for long period of time.

F.I I have chronic cough.

G.I have to lift heavy weights at work or in gym.

H.I am overweight/obese.. have usually hard stool.

J.I do not drink much water generally.


  • K. Painless Bright red blood in toilet bowel/blood on stool (here bright red blood comes after stool has passed mostly and little blood streak can be found on stool (Internal piles)
  • L. Sense of Moisture in anus and around anus, which is due to mucus secretion.(Internal Piles).
  • M.Itching in anus and around anus (Internal Piles)
  • N. Constant Urging for stool (Internal Piles)
  • O. Prolapsing hemorrhoids. One feel something has come out after stool, which goes back after some time by own or pushed back by patient. (Intro-External Piles)
  • P.Irreduciable hemorrhoids, in this type hemorrhoids can not be pushed back (Intro-External Piles)
  • Q. Severe pain in intro-external hemorrohids (This may be an indication of strangulated hemrrhoids i.e. blood supply to the piles has been stopped. This is a dangerous situtation, gangrene can develop)
  • R. Small lump in anus area (outer area) that is painful at times especially during passing stool. (External piles)
  • S. Streaks of blood on hard stool (External piles).
  • T. Pain in anus lump that is worse with sitting (this is an indication of blood clot in external hemorrhoids). Some patients can have severe pain with small external hemorrhoids if they are located in near sciatic nerve distribution).

  • Modalities

    U. Patient gets relief from heat application i.e. relief from sitz bath.
    V. Patient gets pain in back too when hemorrhoids are worse.
    W. Patient feels much discomfort while walking.
    X. Hemorrhoids protrudes during urination.
    Y. Many Hemorrhoids in bunches looks like grapes bunches.
    Z. Patient feels much trouble while walking..
    Dear reader if you want to know which homeopathic medicine can help you for your piles then please tell me which symptoms are present in your case. If you are suffering with any other disease also then you should visit this page too and tell what other problems you have and tell bit more about you for best results.Dear blog reader if you or your any relative is having similar type of problem then please do no hesitate to share it via comment section or by emailing to mail(attherate)

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    1. External prevent hemorrhoids symptoms are generally divided into problems with acute thrombosis and hygiene/skin tag complaints.


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