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A Case Of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  8:58 AM   Generalized Anxiety Disorder No comments

A 18-year-old recently married female was brought to my dispensary for extreme weakness, lethargic (unable to sit without support, wants lie down).

Upon asking her what is her problem, she replied that for last 2-3 weeks her heart is beating fast and strongly. She was also treated by a local doctor (who was most likely was a quack) who gave dripped two bottle of glucose DNS too and there was no relief from his treatment. She also complained of dry throat, headache, sleeplessness, episodes of weeping without any cause, and clenching of teeth at times causing her unable to speak.

I measured her blood pressure, which was 110/90 and sounding very low i.e. Very hard to detect. I auscultated her heart sounds, which I found somewhat fast. Her LMP was on 26/5/14 and was normal to her. I gave her a stat dose of Glonine 30 and said her to wait for few minutes.

After few minutes she was bit comfortable and now she told me many other complaints like tingling in whole body, eye pain, desire of suicide whenever palpitation is worse, desire to stab herself, desire to run away far, feels like she is going to faint, feels she will fall down if not supported, and throbbing at temples.

Her other physical examinations were normal. Urine and stools were also normal. Her lung sounds were also normal. During my examination I said her to take deep breath and upon this she started to laugh very loudly and unnaturally and with great effort she was able to control her laughing.

After considering all these facts, I came to a conclusion that this girl may be suffering from generalized anxiety disorder in light of a newly married immature girl who is not educated well and finding herself unable to handle this new life and expressing all these things in physical symptoms. I gave her some homeopathic medications like Ignitia 30 Glonine 30 and Kali Phos 6X and upon second visit she reported she is doing well now, but still have some problems, but now all thing are minimal.

Upon subsequent visits, her blood pressures were 100/80 though still very hard to detect. I also came to know that she gets easily terrify and had similar episode of sickness at the time of engagement and marriage.

I counseled her and advised her parents to keep this girl for few weeks in their home and not send her to her husband's home or send only for short period of time until she adjusts. I also advised them to continue homeopathic treatment as this girl seems prone to have anxiety in slight unfavorable situations and thus needs treatment and counseling. Dear blog reader if you too has same kind of problems then please do not hesitate to contact me by emailing to: mail(at the rate) or contact me via comment section

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