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By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  5:41 AM   Work Of Sector Magistrate In Election No comments

Hello Dear Blog Reader, I am sharing my experiences of working as sector magistrate in Election. Please share your experience too via comment section. As soon as you received election duty you should collect information about DM CDO SDMs TDs etc.

You should know how intelligent they are how friendly they are and how supportive they are. Collect contact numbers of the above. By this you will know who can help you at critical time. Once you know in which vidhan sabha area you are posted as sector magistrate you should contact SDM and TD of that area and should have some meets with them. and should offer him that you are available for any work related to election. They can engage you some work. If you find any work good then go for it and if not then make any good excuse.

Once you know your sector, get information about lekhpal of that area and BLOs of BOOTHs present in your sector, go to your sector headquarter and have a meet with employees working there i.e. teachers at that schools, sikhsamitra working at that school, aganwadi working at that school, and sweeper/chowkidaar at that them and know who are capable and can be helpful.....see all facilities available there and select a room where you can stay the night before poll with your driver with your security persons. You should also know and contact BSA of the area. Contact him with reference of SDM and say that you are hoping for help for upcoming election when necessary. You should also know who is head of aganwadi of your sector and talk to him and say that you are hoping help from him for this upcoming election. Many times BLOs you will be given wrong contact numbers and you can get right one from him and once any aganwadi working as blo knows that you know her head she will perform her duties of blo well which will help for a smooth and high percentage voting in your area. BLO is key person for high percentage and smooth poll in your area so know well about him/her. Know about their family and Know whether she is getting help from family for this tough work. Contact Head of CHC/PHC/Homeopathic dispensary/Ayurvedic Dispensary present in your sector and from there trace out people who can be useful when needed. Know about ANMs working in your area. Say to her that her name and number is given CHC/PHC she belongs and hoping help for this upcoming election.

She can tell about helpful people of her areas. You should contact heads of Thana/Chowki present in your area and from there you can get idea about real sensitivity and vulnerability of your sector. Once these steps are done then you have to collect information about voters who have to be deleted from final voter list. Tries to find out people who live in any metro city and try to find out whether these people have double voter ID card. Educated them that they can have only one voter id card. If they admit they have two then ask them with which they would like to stay. Try to contact the person who works on computer for making of voter list in your Tehsil, inform him about any major discrepancy in voter list. You can take old copies of voter list from BLO to have an idea of voter list. During poll this voter list can help to find out which area of people have not voted yet and can check for any problem there.

 You should make a small office at sector headquarter 10 days before poll and should have meet to all helpful people of the area. You should know persons involves in making of route chart and vehicle arrangements. Instruct them ahead about best routes and best vehicles for the route. Try to make a route of threes four parties. Make a list which party is likely to have short duration of travel and which one's has longest duration, which party have to wait much time. Instruct polling party to report by SMS start time of mock poll real and start time of voting start, total vote at 9 am 11 am 1 pm 3 pm 5 pm by SMS. Doing this is very important. By this i will know which party is working well and which party do need help. I will give preference to well performing parties at the time of submitting machine and documents means i.e who will perform well, will be able to deposit his machine early and will be able to go home early.

Download videos related to mock poll and sealing of voting machine and give these videos to your polling parties as it can be useful for doubtful minds. You should write 4-5 applications to change polling party members who are not present on the day one day before. On the day when polling parties departs, sector magistrate should go early there.

First take a look of vehicles allotted to his parties. Get contact numbers of people who are making arrangements of vehicles. If there is any problem in any vehicle like too old vehicle, too dirty vehicle, no floor cover or roof cover then try to make it better. Collect information about all parties allotted to your sector. You can get these information from your ARO and his staff. You should try to contact each presiding officer in advance and confirm their availability. You should warn them that strong action will be taken if they do not come.

Warn all presiding officers that they will check the machine and all material given to them. You should warn that no male party member go back to home to avoid night stay at booth. Say to Presiding officers that he should make sure that all party member will stay at booth the night before poll. You should check those polling booths where voting percentage is running surprisingly high or low. Polling parties may be favoring any candidate due to any reasons.

To Be Continued Soon…..Thanks.

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