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Kidney Stone Homeopathic Treatment

By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  10:50 PM   8 comments

About Kidney Stone Homeopathic Treatment

Brief Intro

Homeopathy has gained lots of faith in treating kidney stones. I had also treated some cases of kidney stone with success. Here I am presenting some things/facts which your homeopath may need to know from you for good results.

Kidney Stone Presentation

Some people with kidney stone may felt no problem at all and came to know accidently on any routine investigations while some have violent pain in abdomen. This varying presentation is very important to your homeopath for better result so see read carefully and tell what presentation you have. A. Asympatomatic i.e. no problem directly linked to stone. B. Dull Ache in Lumbar Back Region (Back-ACHING, pain, lumbar) C. Abdomen pain with pain in lumbar region. D. Lumbar back pain extending to groins. E. Lumbar back pain extending to genitals. F. Lumbar back pain compelled to move constantly. G. Lumbar back pain with nausea. H. Lumbar back pain with vomiting.(kidneys colic pain vomiting with) I. Unspecified Renal colic (Just unbearable abdominal pain) J. Right sided renal colic K. Left sided renal colic. L. Renal colic with vomiting. M. Painful urination with renal colic N. Pink colored urine. O. Hematuria with renal stone (Pink, red, or cola-colored urine)

Possible Causes

Finding possible cause is very important to prevent further formation as well as also helps to treat it so read below carefully and think seriously what can be cause for your kidney stone. P. Thirstlessness/low water intake. Q. Recurrent/chronic Diarrhea/inflammatory bowel disease (Higher chance of calcium oxalate stone) R. Excessive Sweating S. Taking allopathic medicines (i.e. diuretics for high b.p, calicum containing antacids for acidity, ciprofloxacin antibiotic, and topiramate for epilepsy, high doses of vitamin D) T. Taking high protein diet (meat, fish, eggs) U. Taking too much salt V. Eating oxlate containing foods much (Blackberries(Sahtoot) Grapes, Palak, Tamatar, Chocolate, Coffee Sarso, Bathua, Bandgobhi, Badam, Akhrots, Mongfali, and Jamun) Findings on 24-hour urine collection test W. Calcium oxalate stones. X. Calcium phosphate stones. Y. Uric Acid Stones Z. Struvite stone.

Diet Modification

Normal Milk niether much niether less. Decrease/Avoid Food Items: Oxlates Containing Foods (Palak, Sarso, Bathua, and BandGobhi, badam, akhrots, jamun, tamatar), Salt, Chocolate, Coffee/Cold Drinks, Eggs, Meat and fishes, amd Sugars Increase: Water intake and Lemon and Orange.

Important Investigations

X-ray KUB Area (For diagnosis of stone), Usg whole abdomen.(For diagnosis of stone), 24-hour urine collection test(to know what is causing to have stones), Fasting serum calcium level.( to know what is causing to have stones) Advertisements

Homeopathic Treatment

I found these homeopathic medicines useful for kidney stone and renal colic Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Nux Vomica, Calc Carb, Sarsapilla, Canthris, Berberis Vulgaris, Belladonna, Nitric Acid, Sepia, Coccus Cacti, Ocimum Canum, Silicea, Colocynth, Benzoic Acid, Pareira Bravia, Lithum Carbonica, Calculus Renalis, Terebinth, Hydrangea arborescens, and Urtica Urens.

About the Website And Author

Website informing about homeopathic treatments for various common diseases like Fevers, Diarrhea, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, High Blood Pressure, Knees Pain, Malaria Fever, Filiria, Discogenic Low Back Pain, Acne, Headache, Dysmenorrhea, Anemia, Menorrhagia,etc in very simple manner so that people start using homeopathy and remain healthy. This website is designed and managed by Dr. Rakesh Kumar (B.H.M.S, N.H.M.C, Lko) who is a govt employed homeopathic doctor from Uttar Pradesh India. I had taken my homeopathic education from National Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Lucknow, which is the oldest Asian Homeopathic Medical College. Contact Dr. Rakesh Kumar by mailing to::: mail(at the rate)
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  1. Kidney disease diet plan never eliminates anything from the diet but it sort of balances minerals such that you take in only what the body can use.

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