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Spring Asthma बसंत दमा का Homeopathic Treatment

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About Asthma In Spring

I do see increasing number of asthma patient during this period of time. During Spring season there are various types of pollens in environment in huge amount. Changing temperature also plays a major role in asthma. If you think pollens are not responsible for your asthma as you live quite far away from crops, flowers, and trees then it is your misconception because pollen grains do travel quite long distances. Living indoor is best way to keep away from these pollen grains, but we all know how difficult it is. Try to keep indoor especially in morning because this is the time when there are huge amount of pollen grains in environment. It is also the time when there is high amount of fungal spores in the environment causing people sick with asthma. There is also increase in other airborne allergen during this period of time making people sick with asthma. By remaining indoor as much as possible, washing hands frequently, using muffler, and taking preventive medicines for asthma, you can prevent asthma or minimize its severity.
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Same Information In Hindi

मेरे चिकित्सालय में हर साल बसंत के मौसम में अस्थमा के मरीज़ ज्य़ादा आते है बसंत के मौसम में वातावरण में विभिन्न प्रकार के परागकण भारी मात्रा में होते है वातावरण का बदलता तापमान भी अस्थमा में महत्व्पूर्ण भूमिका अदा करता है यदि आप यह सोचते है की आपका अस्थमा परागकणों की वजह से नहीं है क्योकि आपका घर फूलो, पेड़ो, और फसलो से काफी दूर है तो यह आपकी ग़लतफ़हमी है क्योकि परागकण बहुत दूर तक उड़ कर जाते है घर के अंदर रहना ही इंन परागकणों से बचने का सबसे बढ़िया रास्ता है पर हम सब जानते है कि यह कितना मुशकिल है कोशिश करे कि सुबह के समय घर के अंदर ही रहे क्योकि इस समय वातावरण में सबसे ज्य़ादा परागकण होते है इस समय वातावरण में फफूंदियो के बीजाणु भी बहुत अधिक मात्रा में होते है जोकि लोगो को अस्थमा का रोगी बनाते है इनके अलावा इस मौसम में कुछ और एलर्जी करने वाले कण हवा में पाये जाते है जो लोगो में अस्थमा का कारण बनते है ज्य़ादा से ज्य़ादा घर के अंदर रह कर, बार बार हाथ धो कर, मफलर का प्रयोग करके, और अस्थमा रोकने वाली दवाइयो का पहले से ही प्रयोग कर के आप अस्थमा को रोक सकते है या इसकी गम्भीरता को कम कर सकते है

Homeopathic Treatment Of Spring Asthma

Aralia Racemosa: Patient feels worse on lying down at night. Burning of throat and chest with asthma. Attacks tends to come during sleep.
Rumex: Cough is worse at night and inhaling cool air. Asthma is worse from any kind of odors and worse with disturbed digestion. Asthma with runny nose and sneezing. Asthma with marked periodicity at 2 a.m.
Sangunaria: Asthma with stomach disorder. Common cold tends to end with asthma. Asthma with runny nose and sneezing.
Nat-Sulph:Patient requiring Nat Sulph holds chest while coughing because of pain. Patient is very prone to get asthma attack, every common cold episodes ends with asthma like symptoms. Very useful for asthma of children. Asthma of children and young person in damp weather. From living in cellars or basements. Copious amount of greenish expectoration. Diarrhea during or after the attack.
Pulsatilla: Dry cough in evening and night and loose cough in the morning is the main indication of Pulsatilla. Asthma of children. Asthma with suppressed menses. Patient feels better in open air. Common cold tends to end with asthma. Asthmatic attack after disturbed digestion and worse after eating. Asthma after suppression of eruptions. Patient feels worse in heated room. Asthma with palpitations. There is marked sensation of chest tightness with asthmatic attack.
Lachesis: People needing Lachesis have marked symptoms of chest tightness mainly in night, while sleeping, and on waking. Usually attacks comes during sleep. Attack is worse by heat i.e. in worm room and patient feels better in open air. Many times skin eruptions alternates with asthma. Asthma of elderly people. People needing Lachesis loves to wear loose cloths. Many times asthma is worse after eating sour things.
Thuja: Thuja is a very good medicine for asthma of children as many children develop asthma like symptoms after vaccinations.Asthma from taking cold. Asthmatic attack after dinner. Asthma after spine injury. Asthma in wet and damp weather. Chest tightness in night.
Medorrhinum: Patient condition gets worse from sunset to sunrise and feels better if he lies on stomach. Alternation of eczema with asthma is also a good indication for Medorrhinum. Asthma more marked from 2. a.m. to 4 a.m. Asthma worse in damp weather. Asthma with runny nose and fever.
Carcinosin: If there is any family history of cancer, few doses of Carcinosin helps a lot. Asthma of children. Asthma with runny nose and fever. Asthma of children after vaccination. Episode of anger or fright brought asthma. Asthma with insomnia. Asthma in wet weather and during changing weather.
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