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Forehead Heaviness, Eye Burning, and Watery Eye Homeopathic Treatment

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About headache, heaviness in forehead, burning sensation in eyes, watery eyes in sunlight (Due to hypertension and dry eye syndrome )

Patient’s Story

A 20-year-old young lean-thin male comes with his father for consultation for headache for last 3 months. He told he feels heaviness in the head mainly in forehead area and a kind of burning sense in eyes, and do have watery eyes whenever he stays in sunlight. His problems are clearly worse in sunlight and in heated atmosphere. His problems are more worse in morning and evening. Upon asking any past sickness, he told he was having some fever and investigated was positive for malaria. He shown me the report, which only showed P.vivax positivity, but other readings i.e. hemoglobin, tlc, dlc, etc were within normal limits. He reported this fever was of very short duration and he did not take it any special treatment as with the time of report came back he felt normal and did not return to the physician who gave him some medicine and asked to get investigated in Delhi. <!-- Usehomeopathy text link add

Upon Examining

Upon examining, I found him not anemic, no icterus, but there was some inflammation inside his both nostrils. Upon examining cervical lymph nodes, he reported he does have a knot in axilla, which is painless. I examined this and found to be axillary lymph node enlarged and nontender. His pulse was full and regular. His BP found to be 130/100.

Possible Cause For Hypertension

I tried to find what things are making him to have hypertension. I found him to be a diligent man who loves to work and earn money, but due to recent illness he had to come from Delhi to take rest and recover, but he started to think about the loss of time, work, and money leading to sleeplessness at night and early wake-up in the morning and disturbed sleep. I counseled him a lot about importance of proper sleep and avoiding too much stress. I also educated him about sleep hygiene i.e. doing certain things before going to bed daily in a fixed routine i.e. first taking dinner then going to a 20 walk then brushing then reading some books daily to get into sleep easily and a sound sleep.


After considering his all symptoms, I gave him a homeopathic medicine called Nux Vomica, which gave him significant relief both in headache as well as eye symptoms.

About The Medicine

Homeopathic Medicine Nux Vomica is a very useful homeopathic medicine especially for men who are lean and thin who loves to work and gets angry very easily. People requiring Nux Vomica also gets common cold very easily and obstruction of nose at night. Nux vomica is also a very good medicine for a person who loves to eat fatty foods very much and who is also able to digest them easily, but still remains lean and then. Nux Vomica is also a very good medicine for a person who tends to have constipation with frequent fruitless urging for stool or urine frequently. Nux Vomica is also a very good medicine for a person who tend to have recurrent problem in rectum. Nux Vomica is also a good medicine for sleep disturbance in early morning before 4 a.m. and then inability to get into sleep. In this case, the basis of selecting Nux Vomica were Lean-Thin physical build-up, Hypertension, and Loss of sleep especially awakening early in morning and then inability to get into sleep again.

About the Website And Author

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