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Downward Bent Penis Homeopathic Treatment

By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  4:22 AM   Homoeopathy for penis curvature No comments

Recently a young male contacted to me for homeopathic treatment of downward bent penis. He complained that I have bend in penis to downward and unable to do sex normally due to this 45 degree bend in penis. He attributed this penis bend to excess masturbation.
I examined his penis and there was no growth of fibrous tissue and there was no ring type structure in penis anywhere ruling out any possibility of Peyronie’s disease.  His penis was bended from 1 inch from the base of penis. He also reported that in normal situation there is no apparent bend, but during semi-erection and full erection penis bends downward to 45 degrees. There was no redness or hardness of the area in the question. This area was also not painful to touch.
He also reported that he feels pain in the penis at 1 inch away from the base of penis to mid portion of penis. He feels pain off and on any time and during at the time of intercourse.
He told that he has no any urinating problems such as pain while urination, weak urine stream, thin urine stream, frequent urination, dribbling of urine, or lower abdominal discomfort so possibility of any urethral stricture was ruled out. Urethral stricture also do cause bending of penis in some people.
Now I suspected this ventral penile curvature may be due to hypospdias. I inspected his urethral opening, which was at somewhat underside of penis. He also told that when he has forceful urination it comes out from lowest end of penis and not coming from central part of penis.  I told him that his problem is most likely due to congenital malformation of urethra, but patient strongly believe that his all problem is due to excess masturbation.
Finally I came to a possible diagnosis of very mild hypospdias with chordee formation in first part of penis causing the pain and bend in the penis.
I advised the patient to consult any good urologist locally and meanwhile use homeopathic medicines.
Homeopathically this case is represented as an young lean-thin tall dark-complexioned male with downward bowing of penis. He also suffer from male pattern baldness and recurrent common cold. He also do have much thirst, but do have generally a dry skin.  He is a chilly patient who likes to drink milk.

He was advised to take Phosphorus 30 two times a day and Cantharis Q 10 drops twice a day. This course of medicine brought some positive changes mainly in curve of the penis.

Now he is on Merc Sol 200, Cantharis 30, and Terebinth 6C.

These homeopathic medicines are also useful for downward bend of penis Merc Sol, Nitric Acid, Heper Sulph, Nux Vomica, Bryonia, Natrum Carb, Ars Alb, Puls, Arg Nit, Kali-Iod, Sabadila, Merc Cor, Terebinth, and Capsicum.     

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