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Cervical Stenosis With Myelopathy Homeopathic Treatment

In our classic homeopathic literature there is no mention of cervical stenosis and myelopathy even no mention of cervical narrowing. Allen has mentioned spine canal narrowing caused by venereal disease for Tarentula. As we all know, cervical stenosis is mainly due to degenerative process, but in homeopathic literature there is no mention of any homeopathic medicine for disease cause by degenerative process. This degenerative process is mainly due to aging and here our masters had mentioned a wide range of homeopathic medicine, which if one looks deeply find that they cover lots of symptoms that are of cervical stenosis. These medicines are Conium, Opium, Phos, Bar-Carb, etc.

The most common symptom of cervical stenosis and myelopathy is balance symptoms (HR-unsteady gait) and Conium, Phosphorus, Bar-Carb, and Sulphur evolve as effective homeopathic medicines for cervical stenosis and myelopathy.

Another common symptom of cervical stenosis and myelopathy is handwriting changes and there are some homoeopathic medicines for handwriting changes in homeopathy. As handwriting changes are mainly due to tremor, weakness, and pain of hands and Phos, Barc-Carb, and Sulphur are yet seems to be useful for cervical stenosis and myelopathy after including handwriting changes symptoms.

Another common symptom of cervical stenosis and myelopathic is buttoning difficulties i.e. patient feels buttoning shirts rather difficult. Awkward (HR), things drops from hands is quite similar to buttoning difficulties and Lachesis, Bar-Carb, Agaricus including other do produce this symptom so these medicine should be useful cervical stenosis with myelopathy if other symptoms corresponds too.

After considering other common symptoms of cervical stenosis with myelopathy i.e. neck pain, numbness in legs while running, heaviness in legs while walking, urinary urgency, urinary leakage, arm pain, etc. following homeopathic medicines seems indicated for cervical stenosis with myelopathy.

1. Phosphorus.

2. Conium

3. Bar-Carb.

4. Sulphur

5. Lachesis

6. Causticum

7. Secale Cor

8. Rhus Tox.

9. Arsenic Album.

10. Agaricus
Recently a young lady with cervical stenosis and myelopathy contacted me. I think you should read this case by clicking here

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  1. we as homeopathic doctors believe in symptomatology
    even though diagnosis is not mentioned in literature yet we have a large repertory of symptoms
    this will definitely help us to treat our patients non surgically

  2. I am chandrashekhar from Nagpur, Maharashtra. my father is also suffering from Cervical Stenosis With Myelopathy, as symptomps are same as written in your blog.. Can you suggest any good homeopathic doctor FROM NAGPUR for my father's treatment.. or a homeopathic medicine from a store...?

  3. In such cases I believe anatomical ideas also help. Stenosis leads to height reduction, osteophytes, prolapse, bulge and hernia. also it may be due to life style or craving for sour foods. Somehow the bone texture is corroded to this state. In my experience Phosphorous Heckla Lava calc carb helps in improving bone texture. Also calc fluricum or acid hydro fluricum helps in relaxing the bony spur. Other medicines mentioned above have direct impact on nerves and inflamation. It is also to take some 'huge calcium suppliments" Amway Nutrilite Calcium and Magnesium helps a lot. Totally avoid acidic intakes like cokes pepsis tamarind lime juice etc., Become well soon.

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  5. Thank you doctor for your helpful post.My father is suffering from myelopathy and is currently on neuro medicine but his condition is becoming worse day by day.His main problems are->pain in back of legs,unable to control bladder pressure,spasm in leg muscles.Can you please guide me with the medicine powers and their proper timing(i.e before or after meal).Thanks in advance.

  6. Dear last commentator please contact me via my email to provide more details


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