Dhat Rog Homeopathic Treatment

Very commonly young patients visiting in clinic asks about homeopathic treatment of Dhat Rog.  By Dhat Rog, they usually refer to excessive prostatic secretion and they mainly notice this during urinating and straining during defecation/stool.

They are usually very worried about this especially if they are involved in masturbation or having night-falls associated with this.

Roadside quacks/quack doctors/and cheap porn books misguide people very strongly that white semen like secretion is very dangerous to health leading to impotence, weakness, memory loss, and even causing death.  They tell it is dhatu (metal) that is coming out and is very important to retain in body, but actually most of the time it is prostatic gland secretion which is being produced in high amount without any specific reason or may be due to prostatitis and very less commonly the actual semen, but it is still not a significant amount which can cause any significant health issue.

In reality, there is some condition in which semen is lost frequently almost constantly and the person also feels extreme weakness, but more importantly to note it is very, very rare condition and a serious condition.  To know this rare disease, one has to do various laboratory test to be sure.

In light of above, every person should watch these abnormal secretion and if persists for long time and bothersome then go to qualified and familiar doctor for investigation and treatments.

Homeopathic medicines are also very useful for this so called Dhat rog.

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