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Case Summary of Recurrent CSOM Treated Successfully With Homeopathic Treatment

By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  9:27 AM   CSOM No comments

Dear Blog Reader:

In this blogpost I am going to share a success story with Calcarea Carbonica.

I got a mail, which is given below

Read Paragraphs are emails of child's father
Green Paragraphs are returned emails of mine (Dr. Rakesh Kumar):
Blue Paragraph is eamil of child's Grandfather

"Dear Dr Kumar,

My son is 3.5 year old and he just had third episode of chronic suppurative otitis media in last months.

It started in November 2010 with ear discharge which was light yellow in color. He was prescribed couse of Augmetin Duo for a week and discharge stopped within two days.

It reappeared again in Dcember and again we repeated the same treament.

Third time it again happened with ear ache followed by ear discharge from right ear on 14th Jan 2011. We gave him antibiotic again along with allegra and decongestant.

He recently also caught cold and on occassional cough his chest sounds heavy. Yesterday we met his doctor and he told us that he has fluid in both of his middle ears and that his Estachian Tube is not functioning properly. And TM looks red.

He do not complain much of ear ache and there is no discharge from his ear now.

All three episode of ear discharge have happened in right ear only.

He do not have much appetite and thirst. He gets irritable easily these days.

Every time discharge has been watery with light yellow colour.

His hearing seems to be OK and there are no signs of adenoids or inflammed tonsils. We have no history of TB.

In this winter he suffered from cold cough repeatedly. Currently also he is suffering from cold.

Please advise suitable homepathic medicine as we are very worried for him.

Many Thanks."

My return mail was

"Thank you for mailing me regarding your son's ear problem.

Please provide some more information i.e. general body build up (thin, obese, or normal to his age group), what things he like to eat very much and what hates very much, and in general feels hot easily i.e. desires less clothes, fan/ac running around or opposite to it.

At what age he started to walk and please tell about his sweating (i.e. sweats very little).

Dr. Rakesh Kumar"

"Rakesh Ji,

Thank you so much for replying.

He is thin and looks a notch below normal to his group.

He does not like eating anything at all. Every meal is difficult to feed him. He takes milk in the morning and evening. He has no special affection to sweets. At times he is stubborn and does not like things getting changed around him.

He is prone to allegies in dust/smoke and catches cold easily.

Though he catches cold easily but I have observed him sweating very quickly even if it is slightly warm. In this winter we make him wear multiple layer of clothes which he accepts, at times with little resistance but generally he wears them.

He does nto mix with other kids very quickly but overall he plays with his toys and if parents are around he is fun loving and active. Though after some time he start playing with kids. He likes outdoor activities but gets tired in few hours and insist to come back home.

He sweats a lot (even with little warm weather) and sometimes I find his hands are also damp.

He is adamant at times and gets very angry if things are not as per his wish. He hates if things are not as per his wish and is very very fussy eater. We still don't know what is his choice of food.

At present he has congestion in chest due to recent cold.

Many Thanks,"

Dear *******

"I do access of internet via mobile as well as PC so it is possible.

You forget to tell when he started to learn walking early or late.

Where he sweats mostly i.e. limbs, stomach, etc.

Provide these answers and purchase these meds meanwhile.

1. Nux Vomica 30.
2. Sulphur 30
3. Merc Sol 30.
4. Calcarea Carb 30

All in liquid 30 mL packing of SBL or WSI.

Give him first Nux Vomica 30 in evening and night only.


Dr. Rakesh Kumar

He started walking at the age of 1 yr. His milestones are usually as per normal child.

He sweat mostly in limbs.

Dear *******

Does he throw away coverings at night or not.

Do he like to eat eggs or not.

Do he like to be bathed or not.

When you would go for purchasing meds and from where do you use internet?


Sometimes he removes coverings.

He doesn't like eggs.

He doen't like getting bathed from head. He likes bathing from shoulder only.

I buy medicine from local shop. I have bought the medicines advice by you.

Please let me know the process/dosage etc.


Dear ******:

You have to give him Nux Vomica 30 1-2 drop in half cup of water in evening and night so for today only at night before sleeping.

Tomorrow morning give him, Merc Sol 30 1-2 drop in morning and afternoon.

Give these medicines for three days and if anyhow his conditions got worse then you have to stop meds and report me and do not start until hear from me.

Both these meds will help his present infection/congestion.

By avoiding these upper airway infections/congestion, we can avoid his ear discharges.

Lastly, you have to keep eye to know what is causing his recurrent runny nose.


Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Thank you very much Dr Rakesh.

I hope this would take care of his Eustachian Tube blockage problem as well.

Thanks Again.

Dear Dr Rakesh,

Thank you very much for your advise.

I wanted to report to you after his physical examination by a ENT specialist so got bit delayed in reporting you his condition.

Your treatment has done wonder to him. Yesterday we got his ear checked with an otoscope and found that now there is no fluid seen in his ear and redness has also disappeared from the TM.

Though he apparently not showing any signs of ear infection/CSOM etc. but could you please advise long term management to avoid recurrence.

Also, as advised by you we checked all the factors which may be causing cold and running nose for him. We changed his bed and limited his outside movement. Today we took him out in our society campus for cycling and in the evening he is showing signs of onset of cold which was earlier completely gone two days back. He also had a sneeze in the evening. There is still little congestion which is apparent from his occassional cough.

It seems his immune system is compromised and he is allergic to dust/smoke

Shall we continue with the medication or some change is required. Please advise.

And, Thaks again for your very useful advise and treatment

Dear **********:

Please try to report on time.

You should give Nux Vomica 30 at night before sleeping and give Sulphur 30 in morning one dose for three days.

Report on Tuesday night or eariler if any concerns arises.

We have to give him medicine according to his symptoms and if his health remains good then we have to give weekly dose of last useful medicines. By this way, we will improve his immunity and avoid any possible sickness.


Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Thank You Sir.

I will update you status on tuesday evening.


Dear Dr Rakesh,

Thank you for your prescription, he is doing fine.

His current health condition is good. There is no apparent problem.

There is no cough, cold. No discharge from ear. Physical examination of middle ear shows intact TM.

Please advise further course of action.

Current Medicine : Nux Vom 30, Sulphur 30

Warm Regards,

Dear **********:

You have to give Sulphur 30 in morning and Nux Vomica 30 in night before sleep weekly i.e. you should give every Tuesday from next week and continue this until he got another sickness when you have to report and if he continues to do fine for continous three months then you should stop.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Dear Dr Rakesh,

My son has started showing symptoms of cough. He is coughing and some times trying to clear his throat. It seems he has throat irritation also. His cough seems to get worse during evening.night.

It is normal cough sound (not rattling).

I am worried it may lead to another round of chest infection.

Please help.



Dear **********:

You should give your child Calcarea Carb 30 aftenoon, evening, and night.

Try to know possible cause of this onset of cough.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Dear Dr Rakesh,

I gave him Cal Carb 30 yesterday. Towards the evening his cough increased dramatically. From around 9:00 PM to 12:00 midnight he continously coughed. It was so much that we took him to hospital and on duty doctor recommended nebulization. He gave gim 2 units of nebulizer. After that his cough subsided and he slept.

Today, morning he had some cough with cold in form of running nose with trace of greenish/yellow mucous. Again from 1:00 PM onwards his cough has increased.

We are suspecting two reasons for cough:

1. Dust allergy as we took him out in the day yesterday
2. We gave him butter and bread in the after noon. May be oily things are causing cough.

He looks feverish but we checked and found no fever.

We got his chest investigated by doctor, it is clear. His throat is also OK with no sign of soreness.

Please advise what should we do now. I am giving him simple steam also.


Dear **********:

I think the dramatic worsening of cough was due to Calcarea Carb to

which he overreacted because dose proved too much for him. Report

back if his condition got worsen or not improve. If he continues to

do fine then give him Calcarea Carb on 25 Feb after that weekly, but

now u have to give water dose(put 1-2 drops in one glass of water and

give 1 teaspoon from this medicated water) throw rest water.

Ask if u have any query

Dr. RK

Last mail is given below is from child's grandfather who is now asking homeopathic treatment for himself.

Dear Dr. Rakesh,

I have come to know of your prominence / competence from my son who speaks so high of you for your help to treat his son successfully in a very short period of time............


With regards,


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