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Peyronie's (Bent Penis) disease Homeopathic Treatment

By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  7:02 PM   Peyronie's disease homeopathy 41 comments

Lots of people search on internet whether there is any treatment of bent penis in homeopathy. I would like to tell those people that in authentic classical homeopathic study material there are nothing related to Peyronie's Disease {Bent penis or curved penis} Recently, I accepted a case of Peyronie's disease and tried to find any homeopathic study material about Peyronie's disease, but was unable to find any old classical study material on this topic so I go ahead to find which homeopathic medicines can be useful for Peyronie's disease and found these following homeopathic medicines may prove useful for Peyronie's (Bent penis) disease: 1. Silicea 2. Kali-Mur 3. Phytolacca. 4. Rhus Tox. 5. Arnica. 6. Sabina 7. Kali-Iodatum. 8. Flouric Acid. 9. Graphites 10. Sepia. 11. Cantharis (mispelled Canthris)12. Rhodenderon. 13. Sulphur 14. Guaicum.15. Lap-A. Dear reader if you are suffering with this disease then please do no hesitate to mail me at mail @ usehomeopathycom. Read How I Came Upon Above Listed Homeopathic Medicines for Peyronie's Disease

The main feature of Peyronie's disease is penile curvature. I tried to find "penile curvature" and failed as our master had not used word penile. Upon trying to find condition penis curvature, I came across to only "priapism without curvature of penis" which also do not reflect to penile curvature. I then searched for "genital curvature" and unable to find such entry in classic homeopathic literature. Peyronie's disease is caused by formation of "hardened scar tissue beneath the skin" and unable to find exact or similar phrase in homeopathic literature even "hardened scar tissue" or "hardened scar." Though desquamation, exfoliation, peeling of hardened pieces of skin was found and I felt medicines working for such condition may affect Peyronie's disease as well and these medicines were mainly Sepia, Graphities, and Siliciea. I then tried searching with related words for hardened i.e. tough and found an entry "tissue degeneration from tough hemorrhagic infiltration" and felt may useful for Peyronie's disease and medicine for such entry was Anthracinum. Searching for "hard penis" yield with butternut shaped hard growth plate on the dorsum of penis and its medicine was Sabina. Also yielded hard swelling on penis and also hard string along upper part of penis. When searched "hard tissue" got some result and main medicines were Lap-A and Silicea. Peyronie's disease also causes pain during erection for which Canthris, Agaricus, Cann-s, Muriatic acid, and Alumina m were indicated. Peyronie's disease also causes shortening of penis and decreased flexibility for which nothing can be found in homeopathic literature. Peyronie's disease is a connective tissue disorder and found "active connective tissue with new growth" referred for Siliciea.
As in Peyronie's disease main culprit is growth of fibrous plaques in connective tissue disease, I tried to find out "growth of fibrous plaques", but unable to find such things, but found "fibrinous exudation in tissue" in Kali-Mur and "fibrinous exudation" in Iodatum, Kali-Chl, Kali-Mur, and Merc-D. Boiericke mentioned some medicines affecting positively fibrous sheath and tendon so I thought these useful too for Peyronie's disease. I found lots of medicines affecting fibrous envelope too so searching fibrous and related words was very useful. Trauma to penis is considered main cause for Peyronie's disease and found some homeopathic medicine useful for penis injury. As chronic inflammation of tunica albuginea plays a great role in development of Peyronie's disease so I considered those medicines too which are said to be effective for penis inflammation. After considering all the information given above I had given that patient Kali-Iodatum based on his symptoms and gave a marked response though not completely cured yet. One can see that case by searching "How to treat peyronie's in homeopathy" on google.

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  1. Penis Growth
    Men work hard to have a big penis as they believe it will give them a more pleasurable sex life.

  2. This the excellent post which I have seen and it helped me a lot , Thank you

  3. it looks good i will have experiment with these medicines

  4. Penis extenders were not originally designed for the purpose of making the penis bigger. Rather, the device what designed so that someone suffering from the troubling condition of Peyronie’s disease would have a traction device capable of stretching out the penis, holding it in place and correcting any curves or bends.

    A side effect that was discovered was the continuous traction helped enlarge the penis…in some cases, the enlargement was significant.

  5. The stuff in this blog is in not only incredible but also providing the great knowledge to the people. Norton

  6. I was trying to find a blog like this. Now i got it. It is so interesting. I loved your post.Thanks for sharing it.
    peyronies disease treatment

  7. Peyronie's disease may develop due to shock or bending causing localized bleeding inside the penis. Thanks for sharing about peyronies disease treatments. Keep sharing..

  8. I have read your articles regarding Peyronie's disease and am very impressed with the results your bloggers have obtained. I am also suffering from the Peyronie's for the past 6 odd months. I have no pain but hardening near the base of the penis and the bend and the ensuing shrinkage. I am 50 years old, 6 feet 2 inch tall, 190 pounds weight. Please advice.



  9. Dear Doctor Sahib, I have read your articles regarding Peyronie's disease and am very impressed with the results your bloggers have obtained. I am also suffering from the Peyronie's for the past 6 odd months. I have no pain but hardening near the base of the penis and the bend and the ensuing shrinkage. I am 50 years old, 6 feet 2 inch tall, 190 pounds weight. Please advice.

  10. I am a homeopathic practttioner, and am currently treating a male for this issue. I found your article very helpful in helping me to develop a treatment protocol for him. I am prescribing kali iodatum, Cantaris, and Guaicum... Thank you again !

    1. Welcome and thanks for commenting and appreciation. I hope u will update case progress.

  11. It is very useful article for peyronile patient. Bt does these medicines are easily available in our locality coz I m from bihar

  12. Hi Rakesh Kumar
    I am 26 years and I am suffering with peyronile disease .Please can u send me email address to contact you.

    1. U can mail me at mail(at the rate)usehomeopathy. com

  13. Hello Dr. Rakesh,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I am a 29 year old male, suffering from peyronies.
    The penis has an upward bent and i cannot have an intercourse.
    I am unmarried.
    The length has come down from approx 6 inches to little over 4 (when erect)

    I have also realized lately that the erection doesn't last more than a few second and i ejaculate too quickly.

    This condition is there for the last 3.5 years. It's onset was very sudden, when i had pain during my morning erections. With time the pain subsided but the length became shorter and the curve also changed a little, the curvature seems less than before but i guess that it is because of the shortening of the length.

    I have had pain in my feet, bones and hands occasionally. For the last year and a half my vit D3 levels have been low too. I have taken medicines to counter that. And feel much better. But with due course my physical activities have reduced. I feel weaker inside.

    I dont remember to have encountered a sports injury or a trauma wile having an intercourse.
    I have had sex just once before and that was smooth and non traumatic. i however feel that my erections were not for longer duration even then.

    I am consulting a homeopathy doctor who gives me medicines and has advised me to use arnica ointment (baksons') on the organ and try to straighten it softly. It hasn't helped much so far. I have also been advised to wrap a betel leaf around the shaft before going to bed. There are two medicines given to one is in globules form and the other one is an sbl tasteless tablet. I am on these for almost three weeks now.

    I thought i would ask for your help. The pain is no more. The curve is upward and the bent is also towards slight left from the base of the penis.
    My chief complaint is of weaker erections and the curvature which is not allowing me to have an intercourse and lead a satisfying life.

    Many thanks for all your time on this.

    Let me know if there is anything that you want to know more than this.

    1. Do you have any ring type structure on your penis? Do you have any pain during urination?

    2. Do you have any ring type structure on your penis? Do you have any pain during urination?

    3. No Doctor, there isn't any pain, and if you are asking about a ring like structure along the girth of the penis, then the answer is again no.

    4. From ur given information it seems u don't have peyronie disease. Uabling to do intercourse due to curve does not make sense as u do not have pain. So it is erectile dysfunction which is making ur intercourse difficult. Regarding ur shortening of penis length may be due to uneven scarring or uneven blood supply to spongy penis tissue.

    5. Dr. Rakesh, in this situation what should i do?
      Also the curvature is there, so much so that it is a problem for intercourse.
      For better blood supply, correction of curvature and sustained erections, is there some medications or solutions?
      Please help.

    6. Mr. Stark, I believe you should try a homeopathic medicine named Silicea 6X for few months.

    7. Thank you doctor.
      But what should be the dose?
      Thrice daily? liquid form or globules?
      What changes should i expect and when should i update you?

      Many thanks.

    8. Dr. Rakesh,

      I came across this post online with regard to peyronies treatment through homeopathy. Just wanted to share it with you and ask if it could actually be helpful.
      " AFter some more reading and investigation I decided to try GRAPHITES!! I saw some literature that associated GRAPHITES with decreasing fiborous tissue and scar I didn't think it could hurt. I experimented with different strengths over a period of time, as I saw NO other research with GRAPHITES and Peyonies Disease. I started out taking a dosage of 6C, 5 pellets 3 times a day. In my zeal to get better I sometimes varied the amount of pellets, the time of day, and frequency of use...and often felt like it was an exercise in futiliy. But, I began to see some 'real results' when I decided to order GRAPHITES 200C Pellets! I thought that maybe if I took a higher stranght dosage, perhaps less frequenly, somthing might happen. As of late, I've been taking three pellets (200 C) every other day at around noon. I read somewhere that it works better during the I just picked noon, and it's been slowly thinning out and diminishing my scar. I check my scar's impossible not to. It is becoming smaller and thinner...and I've seen some improvments in the abnormaliites. Is it a cure?...I'm not sure. However, improvement."

      And also, please tell me when and how much of Silicea 6X should be taken? Morning/evenings? Empty stomach? After the medicine for how long should i avoid eating? or even drinking water.

      Thanks for your invaluable help.

    9. You should take Silicea 6X 4 pellets once a day at night but as Graphitis is giving result so continue only that with good hope. Thanks

    10. You should take Silicea 6X 4 pellets once a day at night but as Graphitis is giving result so continue only that with good hope. Thanks

    11. Dr. Rakesh, Thank you for your response.
      I just want to confirm, you suggest that i should begin with Silicea 6X 4 pellets once a day at night after meal and just before going to bed.
      Also, the Graphites medicine was helpful to some patient as i read his response online. So I am not sure if it would help me also. I just wanted to share that information and ask you which one i should try and what should be the dosage.
      If you want me to try Graphites what should be its potency and no. of pellets and at what time of the day?

      So should it be Graphites (?X) or Silicea 6X or both and how many pellets at what time?

      Thank you for all your patience.

      Once you confirm, i will start with medicines and keep you updated on the progress.

      Thank you.

  14. Hi Dr. Rakesh,
    I am 27 years.I am suffering from pyronie it seems. Earlier it was curvature but pain was less so it was ok but now its unbearable while erection. I have bought Kali Iodatum . Would it suffice or i have to take some other medicine.Please help.

    1. Try it for at least one month and reply back your outcome. Thanks

    2. Thanks for your helping hand . Actually i am taking 15-20 drops three times a day. Do I have to make changes in doses. or it is fine. Please suggest. It will be very kind of you.

    3. I am using Kali Iodatum 200 . Thanks.

    4. You are taking too should take 2-3 drops once in three days....I.e. one dose after two days gap....thanks

    5. Thank you for reply . I will decrease the dose from today only and let you know what is the condition after 15 days.

  15. Hello Dr rakesh ,
    I am taking dose as mentioned but scar is getting harder and erection is less compared to earlier. Please tell me do I have to continue or have to take some other medicine also with it. Thank you.

    1. Please mention ur name or more detail..there are lots of people who posted comments as anonymous.

  16. Hi Dr rakesh,
    I have been taking Kali iodatum 200 on your advice for 3 months but there is no any improvement if you have any other contact or phone number for consultation . or otherwise do I have to take any other medicine with it . please suggest.

    1. +91 86 01 390020 whatsapp only no call can be made

  17. Hello sir,

    I am 22 yr old, and have payronie's disease for past one year.
    I am unmarried. There is a hardening at the penis shaft.
    Urologist suggested me to take Evion LC but it is not working.
    Pls suggest me some medicine and doses.
    Thank you.

    1. I think you have contacted via whatsapp also...let us chat there...and please tell progress here too


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