Recurrent/Persistent Mushy Stools Homeopathic Treatment

Lots of people do have mushy stools, but do not know that it may be an indication for any disease/infection.

In children mushy stool is quite common, but parents are not concerned about this as they do not know that it is bad to child have constant mushy stool which may be due to some disease i.e., amoebiasis, giardiasis, Crohn's disease, lactose intolerance, etc.

Source:- http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b4/Bristol_Stool_Chart.png

Some times children do toilet in improper places and do not tell about toilet despite frequently asked to do so. This may be also due to mushy stools as they passes easily and some times involuntarily with gas passing. This problem also may be related to some disease condition or behavioral disorder.

People should contact doctor if they notice constant mushy stools in children with poor weight gain or growth.

Homeopathic Treatment For Constant/Recurrent Mushy Stools:
Homeopathic medicines for mushy stools can be very useful if given according to child's constitution.

Some useful homeopathic medicines for mushy stools are given below. Any of these medicines alone or in combination can be helpful though this should be decided by any good local homeopathic doctor. One can mail me for help deciding which medicines would be helpful.

Leptandra: If first hard stool comes followed by mushy stools.

Spigelia: If worms and mucus are also seen with mushy stools with tensmus (child stays in toilet for long period)

Berberis: If child has frequent bulky mushy stools.

Sulphur: If child is very fond of sweets, very good appetite,

Myrica: If stools are mushy clay-colored with great debility and child also complains abdominal pain on and off, or yellow mushy stools,

Iris: Bulky mushy stools and child also complaints of pain/excoriation around anus.

Phosphorus: If child is really fond of cold thinks i.e. drinks only cold milk, likes cold drinks and ice cream very much.

Silicea: If child has really offensive mushy stools and child looks very exhausted/dull after stool.

Sepia: Child with mushy stools who does not like to eat about all foods, but meat most.

Baptisia: Child's urine and stool both are very, very offensive and child sleeps a lot.

Note:- This article is mainly for homeopathic students/physicians.  For homeopathic treatment of mushy stools common people should contact any good local homeopathic doctor or email me for further guidance on this topic.

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