Micropenis and Homeopathy

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I do get too many mails/queries regarding penis enlargement, penis length increase, penis enlargement homeo remedies,enlargement of penis in homeopathy, etc from internet users.

QUESTION:- I am a 21-year-old male doing masturbation 1-3 times daily since age 14 and I am facing many problems including weak erections, early ejaculation after few strokes during masturbation, curved penis, penis is 3" while fully erected. Is there any remedy in homeopathy for penis enlargement???.Is there any homeopathy medicine for small penis, Is there any homeophatic solution for penis enlargement???

ANSWER: Penis with length of 3 inches or below while erection is termed as micropenis. With micropenis one cannot satisfy female partner with penis only. Micropenis is mainly caused low testosterone during uterine life (i.e. while he was in his mother's womb) before birth and early infancy so if parents note their newly born son has really small penis then they ask doctors about this and possibly testing for male hormones. By correcting deficiency, the boy can get a normal size penis. Penis size 3-5 while erection comes in category of small penis, but these persons can satisfy female partners though females get a sense of somewhat short/lacking length at times. Average penis size is 5-7 inches while erection.

Regarding homeopathic treatment for micropenis, there are no material in homeopathic literature describing micropenis or very small penis though there are some medicines which are said that they can be used for small penis. These are mainly following Agnus Castus, Lycopodium Clavatum, Aloe, Bar-Carb, Sulph, etc.

As there are no scientific proved methods to increase penis size, I think it is good idea to try homeopathic medicines for small penis or micropenis. If anyone desires to try these homeopathic medicines, I can tell him (free of cost as a charity/online research) work the best suited medicine for him after questioning some more questions.

(Please note-This article is based mainly on my medical knowledge and homeopathic knowledge and there is no guarantee that all facts given here are completely true)


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