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A Case of short-lived vertigo in Children

By DrRakesh Kumar   Posted at  5:32 AM   vertigo in children and homeopathy 3 comments

A 2-year-old girl was brought to the clinic for complaint of transient episodic vertigo. Mother reported that she had her first episode of vertigo when she was about 15-month-old while she was playing with sweeping and later few times when she was putted on some height.

On February 6, 2010, she was moving some clothes in front of her eye and noted the short-lived vertigo and was taken to a child specialist.The child specialist told that labyrinthitis may be the cause of this problem and given her some antihistamines and advised her to consult with an ENT specialist if problem persists or worsens. The girl did well until May 18, 2010.

On May 18, 2010, she had another episode of vertigo in which girl was used to get terrify and screams after which parent brought the child to me as there was no apparent ear problem and all things seem pretty good.

Upon asking about any head injury or trauma, parents told that girl had at least 10-12 slips and fall hitting head, but all accident did not cause any problem to her even almost no swelling or tenderness after the injury was noted anytime.

I asked particularly about the level of consciousness and they reported this being excellent and perhaps told that girl is able to describe how she fell and where she got injury and also somewhat excited to describe her accident so the child is overall very pleasant and remains pleasant after some time the injury.

Upon asking why so much slips and falls happened to her, any balance problems, they told actually floor in the house is very slippy and she had slipped all the time when there was any water on the floor. Additionally, they reported none of these vertigo episode occurred around the time of slip and fall injury to head.

Upon asking about any other sickness, she has experienced in the past, they revealed being born with good weight around 5 kg by C-section due to failure of induction. Habitual to have bowel movements during eating or just after eating or drinking milk and used to undigested food particles in stool. Stool also has sour smell usually.

She has good appetite, very bright mentally, pleasant, playful, easily handed girl.

Lastly, they described sometimes child being intermittently somewhat dull on the days of these vertigo. Child also suffers from scanty urination some days and some days there is profuse urination and too frequent too.

Assessment: Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo in children; needs monitoring to rule out any other causes.

Homeopathic Evaluation and Plan: As being thin, bright child who loves to eat ice creams very much and is belonging to good socioeconomic family, Tuberculinum, Natrum Mur, Phos, Sulphur, and Pulsatila were in consideration and with history of head injuries and brain concussions Arnica, Natrum-Sulph, Opium, and Ruta were also considered and the case was repertorized with following symptoms.

Lienteric Stool, likes to eat sweets, ice-cream, cold food, cold drinks, do not like to drink milk, sudden vertigo, vertigo standing while, vertigo staggering with, periodical vertigo, Vertigo, periodical, paroxysmal, moving the head, motion, from (agg.), Vertigo from concussion of brain
Vertigo occurring in evening.

Upon repertorization, Phosphorus came at top and was given in 200C 1 dose weekly and Arsenic Album 30C 1 dose daily for 15 days.

Update: It was October 13, 2010 when mother came to my clinic consulting for herself and she reported the child never had any further episode of vertigo and she is giving Phosphorus 200C weekly. She also reported that girl is very very much fond of ice creams and would drink milk only when it is chilled. It may be some drug proving of Phosphorus so i advised her to give Phosphourus monthly for three months and then stop if no episode happened during this time.

Educational Point of Case: Parents should advised about possible slip and fall injury when child starts to walk independently and if floor is slippery then they should cover the floor with mat.

Good Referring Link-Dr. Davison's vast article on Vertigo

Dr. Rakesh Kumar (B.H.M.S., N.H.M. C., Lko)

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  1. Recently, I was notified by family that since girl is taking Phosphours weekly, her toilet habit has improved greatly too (never in cloths since then) and up until no dizziness episode.

  2. phosphorous should not be given in too frequent doses...............

  3. phosphorous should not be reapeted too frequently


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